Cucine Belli: rustic, country
and provençe style kitchens.

Cucine Belli manifactures and sells custom-made kitchens in a rustic, country and provençe style. All the country kitchens BELLI are unique and handmade using antique reclaimed timber.

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Why choose Cucine Belli


Every country kitchen is a unique piece, that is given the name of the first lucky customer to order it. If you like the style of the “Silvy” kitchen. We will make a unique, custom made, copy for your home…


For the manufacture of your country kitchen we will use anitque timber with a rich patina, reclaimed from old floors and ceilings. The wood is treated with particular care and attention to maintain the original grain…


The finishes of our country kitchens are one of the main features for which we are famous and recognised. Each detail of every kitchen is minutely considered…