Differences between Country style and Provencal style in the kitchen

Between the country kitchens and the provencal ones there are some differences, although they are not strict, nor closed to dialogue.

The provencal style kitchens usually employ first patina ancient timbers, pickled or weathered to perfection. The forms can be simple, or sometimes present bosses or columns, ornated with capitals and pilaster strips.

However, the structure remains light and never intrusive. The colors, in harmony with the shapes, are soft and pale, like natural light waxed wood, gray, green, white and blue, in various combinations in order to produce hazy effects. The handles too, as well as the hinges, produced in iron, brass or wood, must be light and have designed finishes and moves, never excessive.

The French tradition, but often also the Italian and Belgian ones, help us to grow and learn this style.

The country and the rustis kitchens, apart from light differences in intensity, they can be almost synonymous of the same style. They have rather a different impression than the kitchens in Provencal style, in shapes, colors and impact.

As well as for the kitchens in a Provencal style, also the kitchens in rustic or country-style make extensive use of first patina old wood or antiqued new wood, but they use them in order to enhance the visual effect of the wood grain, of the worn patina, of the wood processed and marked by time.

The structures can be really plain and simple, almost minimal, because the essential means frugality of country life. Ornaments and hinges have, in these case, a linear cut.

However, it may happen to be offered country and rustic kitchens with complicated doors, due to increased processing of the columns, of the mandoline and of the frames .

The message they communicate is always essentiality, with the patina, often treated with wax or natural, with the finishes that must reproduce the flavor of the old tables and furniture wooden kitchen .

It is always better to avoid the excesses in the colors and forms, while it is always highly reccomanded trying to bring out the first patina wood, which is the true protagonist of this style, with its irregularity.

Sometimes in the country and rustic style, the worktops have a fundamental importance in the design and functionality of the spaces.

They are massive, made ​​to work and have large doors and drawers to store all your cooking utensils.

Often, in this kind of kitchen, we can find big antique wood beam that, besides undoubted aesthetic value, they combine the functionality, allowing cashing the cooker hoods or hanging useful items like the famous traditionational pots .

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