How to get a quotation?

Request a quotation by email or phone.

We can provide a quotation based on the model, dimensions and materials you prefer.

Advice? before contacting us, from our experience, it is advisable to contact us beforehand, by phone, to discuss your precise requirements.

After which we will be able to provide a precise quotation based on your exact kitchen requirements.

To what dimensions can you make my kitchen?

Your kitchen will be completely custom made.

The kitchen will be adapted to fit your environment and requests.

We will liaise with you and incorporate your preferences, style and requirements, without rejecting the functionality and comfort of the kitchen so that it is a pleasure to own.

We will help you with the production of your kitchen, with technical or artistic drawings and hand drawn sketches with a combination of fantasy, logic, passion and taste.

The design stage of the project is one of the most beautiful and exciting aspects of our work, one which we always enter into with enthusiasm and pleasure.

What kitchen applicances do you supply?

We can acquire kitchen applicances to meet your requirements or fit in your existing appliances to the kitchen units.

We have a lot of information regarding appliance specialists who can advise you on the best systems available.

What colours and finishes do you have?

Our patinations are famous all over the world for their high quality finishes, we take care of each detail which is inspired by traditional hand made techniques.

The wood wax finishes are made with natural products, completed with brushes and artificially aged by hand in the most natural way you will find.

The surface is treated with plaster and naturally created and complimentary colours.

The finishes are hand painted by masters in this field, producing a surface identical in quality to antique furniture, because they follow to the letter, traditional techniques of the old masters.

The frequent use of antique wood makes it fascinating and intreguing, creating a harmony of colour and patina.

What wood and materials are used?

We can make you kitchen using antique wood with an original patination or new wood artificially aged and patinated.

In particular we have a great variety of antique wood salvaged from old floors, ceilings and beams, which makes it particular to the style of our manufacture.

When we use new wood, we guarantee to check and select only quality seasoned timber.

The rustic kitchen functionality?

The kitchen we make for you will have an antique aesthetic, which will make it a unique, inimitable and at the same time extremely functional product.

We will work together to make sure the design, division and functionality meet your specific requirements and fit the space available.

The components are all guaranteed by our years of technical knowhow and experience when selecting the best and most appropriate hinges and slides.

If you close your eyes and try to open and close our drawers and cupboards, their action will give you the feeling that you are in a completely modern kitchen.

How long does it take to manufacture a kitchen?

Every kitchen is custom made once an order is received this is due to the fact that each kitchen is individual and personalised to each customers requirements.

For this reason the delivery time will be agreed at the time of order and form a part of the contract.

Are there any problems if the kitchen is manufactured for customers further afield?

We are used to working with customers from all over the world.

The measurement, assistance and installation can be carried out anywhere and will be agreed with you beforehand.

We have an effective internal network that enables us to quickly satisfy all manner of requests concerning taste and style

We have an experienced installer who supports our beliefs in providing high quality customer service.

Is there a chance to see the manufacture of my kitchen?

You can visit our showroom and see the appreciation and recognition shown by previous customers and specialists.

The showroom has the ambience and setting of a functioning kitchens, with complete displays and examples of our processes and effects.

The showroom’s facade is in the style of a traditional tuscan villa and reproduces the feeling of rustic farmhouse and elegant buildings from years ago.

In our creations we demonstrate the source of things and the ambience, without copying the strengths and proportions of the style but by searching, as we always say to our customers, “ to create the ambience that seems to have always been there in years gone by” as if discovered by accident.

Providing complimentary fixtures and fittings?

In our showroom you can find many examples of fixtures and fittings ideally suited for your kitchen.

You will find majolica ceramics, and the finest brands of hand woven tablecloths and teatowels and antique accessories, wall units, dish racks and cabinets and chopping boards

All that you need to make your kitchen alive and comfortable you will find it by exploring the products in our showroom and trying them out alongside examples of our woods and finishes.

What payment methods do you accept?

We normally ask for a 30% deposit upon order and the outstanding balance upon delivery.