How to choose the color of your future kitchen

The project that leads to the realization of a country kitchen consists of variables and elements that you can not ignore. Among these, choosing the right color and the patina are two of the most important points.

The final color of the kitchen must be in harmony with the surrounding space, then the walls, floors, windows and the personal taste of the furniture in general.

Before to determining the color, you have to know how the color tone interacts with the wood of the country or Provencal kitchen.

A “sage-green” will appear differently if applied with a brush on old wood or new wood, on first patina surfaces or smooth surfaces.

Also the wood essence will influence the final color,every specific wood will behave in contact with the color in a different way.

Very important is the processing of the color once it has been applied with a brush on wood. And so our “sage-green”, for instance, may be treated (or coated) so to be more or less aged, smooth or rough, dense or thin .

Generally we rework our colors so that, on a natural basis the customer can have unique and exclusive effects.

We carry out tests and color samples for the customer so that we can understand the final effect and we can try it in the room by avoiding unpleasant surprises .

A country kitchen has in the color its own soul and through it has to speak and express its character, which ever it will be.

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