Kitchen Beate

Kitchen Beate is a harmonious melody of aged and patinated woods which convey the concept and feeling of domestic warmth and functionality.

The assortment of forged steel used for the handles, just as the decorative nails, rings, and pear-shaped rings as well as the aesthetic solutions intended to preserve the original patina of the wood, convey a tasteful, impressive appearance.

The large central island with a thick oak top is a solution which has been carefully studied for the functionality of those who work and love to cook.

In fact, the functional elements, such as the cooktop and the sink, have been placed so as to be extremely practical for those who use the kitchen and take advantage of the designated work surfaces.

The alternating distressed and waxed finishes of the assorted elements create movement and confer significant exclusivity to the choices made.

Finally, the environment in which the kitchen rustic distressed wood is placed is the perfect frame for the situation, the result of a synergy which was desired and found by the owners of this beautiful rustic home which is located in the Marches province.

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