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How to choose the right countertop for your kitchen

21 July 2016

One of the situations of greatest doubt, or indecision, that generally pervades those who are going to buy a country kitchen, is choosing the right countertop. And the decision is even more complicated, because you have to consider the aesthetic and th …

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How to choose the color of your future kitchen

25 August 2014

The project that leads to the realization of a country kitchen consists of variables and elements that you can not ignore. Among these, choosing the right color and the patina are two of the most important points. The final color of the kitchen must be …

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The right spaces use to make your kitchen functional and harmonious

24 July 2014

Planning your dream kitchen, the highest priority goes the choosing of how to occupy the available spaces. It is clear that the choose should match with the dimensions and geometry of the room where the kitchen will be realized, but also with the aesth …

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The accessories for the country provencal kitchens

16 June 2014

The accessories for the country provencal kitchens are essential parts for its customization, as they allow you to realize the your dream kitchen. The handles, for example, can be made of brass, iron or wood, the hinges can be simple or decorated, as i …

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Customize Country Provencal style kitchens

9 June 2014

Customize Country Provencal style kitchens. To customize kitchens in Country Provencal style, it is a must to know that woods, colors and accessories can be combined freely. The only limit is represented by the stylistic coherence of the various elemen …

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5 May 2014

An afternoon dedicated to the restoration,respecting tradition, materials and wood patinas . Saturday, May 17th, our show-room in Como, Porte Del Past Srl, in collaboration with Casa Lacole Italian srl, will open its doors to architects, interior desig …

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Differences between Country style and Provencal style in the kitchen

28 April 2014

Between the country kitchens and the provencal ones there are some differences, although they are not strict, nor closed to dialogue. The provencal style kitchens usually employ first patina ancient timbers, pickled or weathered to perfection. The form …

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Combine aesthetics and functionality in country kitchen

22 April 2014

The country kitchen lovers more often asks to build their kitchens following their tastes and their needs, tin order to be able to live daily home experiences with their kitchen. For this reason there must be a strong combination of beauty and function …

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